Elevate Your Mood With These Apartment Decor Tips

friends in the home
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One of our main resolutions in 2019 is to live our bliss. Whether that be through relationships, passion projects, or helping others, we’re kicking off the year with happiness as our top ambition.

To help with this, we figured we’d start in the home. Along with beautiful decor and clean spaces, there are a variety of design elements that can help boost your mood.

Here are a few that we’re excited to try:

Surround Yourself with Scents

candle in an apartment

Did you know that when a smell travels from your nose and into your brain it can trigger endorphins and mood-boosting serotonin? Scent is a powerful influence on our lives, but since we can’t see it, we often undervalue its power. This season, bring your favorite natural fragrances into the home. From candles to essential oils to incense, there are now more options than ever when it comes to filling our spaces with pleasant aromas. If you love the warm glow of candles, click here to find a handy roundup of affordable options. For those looking for something stronger, this decorative humidifier features a removable tray for essential oils.

Feature Familiar Faces


When it comes to our happiness, our relationships are key. There’s nothing quite like the bonds we share with those we love. So, aside from opening up your home to family and friends, another way to celebrate your relationships in the home is to fill it with photos and memorabilia. We, of course, love the classic frames that adorn our end tables and walls, but we also love the creative ways people fill their spaces with their favorite faces. For example, we love this unique clothesline inspired display.

Create a Coffee Nook

drinking coffee

If one of your favorite daily pleasantries is sniffing that first cup of java, then a coffee corner is the design element for you. To elevate this space, place your beans, grounds, and sugar into glass jars. If a cabinet rests above this layout, apply hooks to the bottom of them and let your favorite mugs dangle atop your display. To go the extra mile, place a small chalkboard in close proximity to your coffee corner and write weekly positive affirmations on it. You’ll be inspired as you sip your morning brew and ruminate on life’s lessons.

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