Get Crafty & Cozy With a Fall-Inspired DIY Project

knitting a scarf
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The cozy season is upon us — which means it’s time to snuggle up in blankets, light some candles, and enjoy some much-deserved time winding down at home. When it comes to the art of relaxing, the key is to surround yourself with items that are familiar to you, and nothing is more personal than an item crafted by your own hands.

From candles emitting nostalgic scents to knitwear tailored specifically for you, these fall DIY projects will not only level up the cozy vibes, but they will stand as tokens of your hard work and creativity.

Make Your Own Candles

making lavender candles

Candles are extremely easy to make and can be customized to carry your favorite scent. First and foremost you will need to stock up on supplies. These include a bag of beeswax, wicks with adhesives, candle containers, and natural scents (think essential oils, herbs, tea leaves, and spices). Once you have all your essentials, heat up the beeswax on the stove until it is melted. Then, add your desired scents and let simmer for five minutes. While simmering, insert wicks with adhesives into the bottom of your candle containers. Once assembled, go ahead and pour the wax into the container and leave about a half-inch of room at the top. To keep the wick in place, lay a pen or pencil across the top of the container and bend the wick across it at the desired position. After about an hour, the candles should be cool and you can snip the remainder of the wick off. For your final step, pour yourself a glass of wine, light up your candle, and enjoy your DIY mood lighting.

Find Your Knack For Knitting

knitting yarn

DIY knitwear offers a cozy feel as well as a profound sense of accomplishment. Whether you would like to start simple with a scarf or are ready to tackle a cable knit sweater, this site provides everything there is to know about the art of knitting. Once you tackle the basics, you can look forward to knitting while watching Netflix, hanging with friends, or while sitting on your balcony. Not only does it offer an addition to your wardrobe, but the act itself has been described as cathartic.

Get a Head Start on Gifts

someone making a DIY wooden board saying LOVE

Fall is the precursor to the holidays. It’s the calm before the chaos of endless shopping, party planning, baking, and other responsibilities the festive season demands. During this time, there’s never enough time to sit down with a craft project. So, if you would like to offer family and friends a gift made by you, now is the time to start planning and executing your idea. Click here to find a number of creative ideas courtesy of It’s Always Autumn.

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