The Guide to Going Green

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Going Green

The phrase “going green” has become the watch cry of a movement that urges us to take a greater responsibility for the impact we have on the planet. Going green is about minimizing negative effects on the environment and maximizing positive contributions towards a sustainable future. It is possible that you have heard the phrase and assumed it meant drastic lifestyle changes as well as extra costs and inconvenience. However, the truth is that “going green” is not only good for the planet, but it can also benefit your bank account, simplify your life, and protect your family. We have put together a few green living tips to show you just how easy it can be.

Save Your Money
Some of the quickest and easiest green living ideas can be implemented around the house and will help you save money. Most of these tips simply make sense, like keeping your windows closed while the heater or air conditioner is on and turning off lights when you leave a room. But did you know that the Department of Energy has calculated that your power bill will go up by 3% for every degree you raise the thermostat? Adding an extra layer of clothing during the winter will ease the strain on your bank account while conserving energy resources.

How to save money by going green

Simplify Your Life
If you want to simplify your life, a great place to start is by reducing clutter with these next green living ideas. You can put an end to the constant stream of junk mail that invades your mailbox at home by visiting As for those old clothes clogging your closet, consider hosting a clothing swap with your friends – this can be a fun way to add variety to your wardrobe without any additional cost. You can also donate used clothes or other items that you no longer use to a charity or thrift store.

Protect Your Family
To maximize your personal health as well as the wellness of your family, carry a few of the following green living tips with you the next time you go shopping. Purchasing local, organic produce can ensure that the food you are eating is more nutritious for you, and healthier for your community. For example, free-range, organic eggs are usually higher in vitamins and minerals than mass-produced eggs. Choosing baking soda or vinegar for some cleaning projects can protect not only the environment but also your family from harmful chemicals often found in store bought cleaning products.

Going Green

As you can see, “going green” mostly means making simple, smart decisions as you move through your day. However, those simple decisions can have a significant and measurable, global effect. For even more cost saving, health protecting sustainable living tips, download the Green Living Guide, created for you by the Lincoln Property Company.