How To Decorate The Perfect Guest Room

guest bedroom
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One of the most satisfying aspects of renting an apartment is being able to share it with others. Whether you have family or friends visiting or a friend who just needs to crash, it’s important to make them as comfortable as possible.

Here are a few ways to make a guest bedroom extra cozy and inviting.

Clean The Sheets

making the bed

There’s nothing quite like peeling back fresh sheets as you make your way into bed. Let your guest know you care about their comfort and make sure sheets are clean before their arrival. As for making the bed, check out this tutorial to see how it’s done at hotels. Be sure to tuck in corners, fluff pillows, and smooth out wrinkles to ensure a resort-style feel.

Add Cozy Accents

robe and slippers

Treat your guests to comforting details and go the extra mile by adding a few additions to the room. Think lavender spray on the bed, candles, or even a diffuser with essential oils. Invest in robes and slippers and perhaps even an eye mask so they can snooze in peace.

Decorate With Purpose

bedroom decor

A guest bedroom is a great area to instill a theme and have some fun. Since you’re not in it every day, you won’t get tired of decor that you wouldn’t typically turn to. If your go-to style is contemporary, go boho-chic for a new feel. Are you a beach lover but don’t want it to take over your apartment? Use your guest bedroom as an ode to the ocean and choose beachy decor. Not only will this room act as a guest bedroom, but it can also be an escape when you’re craving a new atmosphere.

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