How To Host The Perfect Scary Movie Night

scary movie night
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The scary season is upon us and one of the most satisfying ways to celebrate is by hosting a scary movie night. The ideal showing must have the perfect ratio of spooktacular elements offset by cozy essentials. To achieve this balance here are some helpful tips.

Prioritize Mood Lighting

lit candles

A flicker of a candle in a dark room really sets the tone for a scary movie night. Not only does it add a cozy feel, but it’s also reminiscent of spooky scenes from our favorite horror movies. Stock up on your favorite scented candles or create your own Halloween-themed display.

Stock Up On Cozy Blankets

a cozy blanket in a basket with throw pillows

Blankets are an essential item for a scary movie night. Not only are they cozy and warm on chilly fall evenings, but they are critical when shielding your eyes from a movie’s scariest moments. This autumn, we recommend investing in a blanket basket and stocking up on the season’s best throws.

Queue The Comfort Food

Halloween dessert

A scary movie night is a perfect time to embrace comfort food—with a spooky twist! Instead of ordering delivery or reaching for a bag of chips, get inventive and whip up some themed snacks and treats. This list from Better matches films to recipes and includes pairings like chocolate s’mores bars for The Blair Witch Project, boozy hot chocolate for The Nightmare Before Christmas, and chocolate chip cookies for Halloweentown.

For more tips on making the most of the spooky season, check out our post on ways to be eco-friendly when celebrating the season.

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