How To Turn Your Apartment into a Restaurant: Part Two

laughing and enjoying a meal at home
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A little creativity goes a long way, especially when planning a restaurant-worthy meal inside your Lincoln apartment. As the weather cools, and cozy nights spent inside remain the norm, it’s important to treat yourself while hunkering down.

One of the perks of dining at home is you have full creative control. In April, we put together a helpful guide for planning your dream dining experience. Today, we’re expanding on those ideas with even more ways to transform your apartment.

Make a Reservation

reserved table setting

One of the most exciting aspects of dining out is the anticipation. Therefore, plan your meal in advance and send an invitation to members of your household. Set a time, state the place (your dining room), and send via email or with a handwritten note. Not only will this give you ample time to prepare a meal, but it will serve as an event the entire household will look forward to.

Choose Your Destination

making a cocktail

Before you begin lighting candles and selecting placemats, try a quick exercise. Close your eyes, relax, and imagine your dream dining experience. Envision a moonlit table outside a Parisian café, see yourself dining oceanside with a cold margarita, or enjoy the hum of buzzing conversations at a Manhattan bistro. Now that you have your inspiration, it’s time to set the mood. Select a menu reflective of the atmosphere. Think boeuf bourguignon, fish tacos, or a New York strip steak (depending on your desired destination). Then, select a libation to match. Finally, find a playlist that reflects the setting, kick back, and enjoy your destination dinner.

Stay Until Close

smiling and drinking wine

The difference between eating at home versus in a restaurant is the pace. At-home meals can feel rushed, as we often sit down to eat, and then quickly get back to a to-do list or a Netflix show. In restaurants, courses are paced, wine is sipped slowly, and conversation flows freely. Enjoy a meal of leisure in your apartment by coursing out your meal. Once you’re done eating, relax at the table with a cocktail or espresso, and enjoy the ambience over dessert and late-night conversation.

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