How To Grow Plants in a Lincoln Apartment

plant in an apartment
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Summer is here and with it comes lush vegetation, flowers in full bloom, and fresh vegetables. If you’re looking to bring summertime feels inside, the best way to do so is to adorn your home with a variety of plants. For those who have yet to harness their green thumb, there’s a decent amount of information to take in before you get started. For example, not every room is suited for every type of houseplant, as different species thrive under a variety of conditions.

In order to maintain happy plants in a happy home, here’s a room-by room-guide to get you started:

Living Room

living room plants

Living rooms typically offer ample sunlight as well as plenty of open space to work with. For this reason, they’re the ideal location for a variety of plants. Bird’s of paradise, devil’s ivy, and umbrella plants fare well in this space. Also, living room corners are the perfect homes for statement plants such as small trees, large ferns, and those with broad leaves. If you’re less into the jungle aesthetic, opt for smaller displays like succulents on a coffee table or a hanging plant on a shelf.


Bedroom plants are not only aesthetically pleasing but they also contribute to air quality, making for a better night’s sleep. Plants like devil’s ivy, Philodendron, and Monstera offer a calming presence to your comfort space and are pleasant to look at first thing in the morning. Plus, the bedroom typically has less sunlight than the living room and these plants bode well in this type of environment.


bathroom plant

Plants are not often found in the bathroom, but they should be! This part of an apartment is perfect for growing plants that love humidity. Peace lilies, queens of hearts, and arrowhead plants are typically smaller, and can comfortably fit next to the shower or on your vanity. Not only will they thrive but they will bring life into a space that is often overlooked.


kitchen herbs

Kitchens typically offer a decent amount of light as well, making them an ideal location for a variety of plants. If you’re looking to add some function to your greenery, opt for planting a medley of herbs. All herbs are not the same and require different types of attention and care. To simplify the process, invest in a small grow house that will keep your plants alive and vibrant year-round. One of our favorites is ModernSprout, a brass structure that uses LED lights to maintain healthy and happy herbs.

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