Kick the Habit

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Reduce, reuse, recycle!  Here are some ideas to help you “Reuse” instead of using disposable items.

FACT: In 2005 it was reported that only 5.2% of plastic bags were recycled.

FACT: Plastic,  in any form, has only been around a little more than half a century.  It is believed to take several hundred years to decompose however it is hard to estimate because we have not had any first hand evidence of its decomposition.  Most likely, every single piece of plastic created is still here on this planet.  That’s a lot of plastic!

FACT: Biodegradable paper bags, when thrown away, can either be recycled or end up in the landfill.  In order for anything to biodegrade it needs to be exposed to air.  In a landfill, other items get tossed on top of the biodegradable items meaning that the biodegradable items do not have the conditions needed to biodegrade.  This leads to landfill items just staying in landfills.

FACT: Using printer paper that is 100% post consumer recycled paper saves five pounds of carbon dioxide per ream of paper.

The Snack Sack – a great alternative to Ziploc bags.  Visit

Reusable Grocery Bags – You can pick reusable grocery bags up at any Target or most any grocery store.

Klean Kanteen – Stainless steel water bottles.  Visit

Toys – Wooden toys are much more eco-friendly.  Visit

Cleaning Products – Try not to use items that are a one-time-use product (if it says “disposable” on the label – you don’t want it).  You can make some eco-friendly cleaning products at home with just a few simple ingredients.  You’ll be surprised to find a lot of them are the products your parents or grandparents used.  Google “green cleaning recipes” to get started.