Learn How To #LiveYourBliss with LPC

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We all want to be happy, right? Yet oftentimes our personal bliss is prioritized last amongst the rest of life’s responsibilities. Work, expectations of others, and the day-to-day demands of life often take the front seat while our personal joy is secondary.

It’s about time we treated our happiness like every other goal, nurturing it consistently to become the best version of ourselves. To make conscious efforts everyday to sink into our personal joys and live in the moment.

If you’re looking to flip the script, here’s how to LiveYourBliss, LPC Style:

Step 1: Find What Makes You Happy


The first step to living your bliss is finding what makes you personally happy. Everyone is different; something that makes one person sing may have a less powerful affect on another. This is why it’s important to tap into your personal preferences for fulfillment. An easy way to find what makes you happy is to journal. Keeping a daily log of your feelings and the activities of the days helps connect the dots. When you spot consistencies between activities and peak emotional wellbeing, you’ll learn these are the things that cater to your personal happiness. It’s also important to mix up your sources for joy to satisfy all of life’s needs. First, find an activity that energizes you. This could include running, recreational sports, upbeat music, dance, or mental puzzles. What calms you? Do you feel at peace with yoga? How about when reading a new novel? Finally, uncover an activity that creates a connection with someone. Write your best friend a note, volunteer with others, or share a book with a fellow reader. Finding personal ways to energize, calm down, and connect with others is the key to fulfillment.

Step 2: Prioritize Happiness

sunrise yoga

Once you find your source for happiness, it’s important to follow through and act on it. Are you stuck in a 9-5 routine void of spontaneity? Shake up your day-to-day by sprinkling in the things that make you sing. For example, if you find yourself heading into the office uninspired, utilize one of your “energizers” before you get there. Whether that’s a crossword puzzle over coffee, a morning run on the beach, or simply listening to upbeat music in the car, adding a stimulant to your routine will offer a little joy to an otherwise regular day. After your busy day, wind down the best way possible with a calming activity fit for you. It may seem second nature to zone out in front of the television, but next time, consider a post-work yoga class or settle with some arts and crafts or a DIY project. Afterwards, you’ll feel both fulfilled and relaxed.

Step 3: Disconnect & Be Mindfully Present

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Social media is ubiquitous in 2018 and while it’s a great tool for the spread of information and staying close to long-distance friends, it’s important to keep some distance to truly live in the moment. The next time you embark on a personal project for fulfillment, be sure to turn your phone off to truly sink into the activity. The same goes for healthy hobbies and hanging out with friends. The phone can be a huge distraction and takes away from valuable experiences. This may prove difficult in certain scenarios, like when the summit of a hike begs for a sunset pic or when the tacos you whipped up with friends are picture perfect. In these instances, snap the perfect pic and save the posting for later.

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