Lincoln Charities Gives Back to Help Get People Back on Their Feet

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This holiday season, as families gather together for meals, merriment, and holiday melodies, the focus tends to remain firmly fixated on gifts. While gift-giving is an important part of our holiday tradition, giving to others doesn’t always require a box wrapped under a tree. The holidays are always a good time to take stock and consider other ways to give. Giving back to those who may need it most is a core part of Lincoln Property Company’s charitable initiative, Lincoln Charities, Inc. The charitable arm of our organization continues to help, enrich, and provide for those in need when they need it most.

Lincoln Charities, Inc. is the official charity supported by Lincoln Property Company, Lincoln Military Housing, and Grand Campus Living, and was created in order to have a solution for employees and their families in times of need when they’re faced with a catastrophic situation. From accidents and injury to natural disasters, LCI has been able to offer crucial assistance to those who have served Lincoln Property Company when they need it the most.

As recently as October 2015, LCI has been called into action to help key members of Lincoln Property Company’s staff who needed monetary support to address medical bills and maintain financial security.

Solomon Toa, a key staff member for Lincoln Military Housing at 29 Palms, California, suffered a string of injuries after a very serious car accident. His neck was broken in two places and he had an injury to his spinal cord. While doctors were initially optimistic about his recovery time, an infection became a severe obstacle on his road to recovery, limiting his ability to work, and as a result, jeopardized his medical insurance and COBRA eligibility. The soaring costs became difficult for the Toa family to afford–yet, that’s when Lincoln Charities, Inc. stepped in. Since Toa had worked for Lincoln for over five years, Toa was eligible to receive aid from the charity, which provided enough funds for the Toa family to cover overdue medical costs, necessary prescriptions, and COBRA payments to provide a pathway to recovery.

In a similar story, Danny Hernandez, who also works in the maintenance department for Lincoln Property Company, desperately needed the help of LCI after a back injury for him and a broken foot for his wife kept both of the breadwinners in the family out of work. The financial hardship for the Hernandez family continued to worsen, as medical bills continued to pile up–but things were only getting more complicated. Issues with the back injury also led to increased urgency on a knee replacement surgery that Danny had to endure, potentially leading to another eight to 12 weeks out of the office. With over 13 years of service under his belt at Lincoln Property Company, Danny and the Hernandez family reached out to Lincoln Charities, Inc. They helped pay overdue medical bills and expenses, as well as covering living expenses while Danny recovers from surgery.

Alec Lea, a technician in San Antonio, TX, also found refuge in the charity in October. In his seven years at the company, Alec had received several awards for his work at Lincoln, and his wife was also a long-time employee. When his wife, Michelle, had to have surgery for a rare form of jaw cancer called Follicular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma, they not only had to contend with massive medical bills, but also had to allow time for Michelle’s recovery. The doctor’s recommendation of a leave of absence from work made the financial constraints even tighter. Lincoln Charities, Inc. was able to provide the Lea family with funds to pay for their outstanding medical bills and cover the gap in income while Michelle recovers.

In each of these cases, Lincoln’s charitable efforts helped employees who are dedicated associates of the company get back on their feet. They were able to focus on improving their health, rather than compounding health issues with added stress about finances and leaves of absence.

Lincoln Charities, Inc. is eligible for any member of Lincoln Property Company’s staff and their dependent family members, provided that they have been working for the business for over two years. The fund itself is supported primarily by voluntary contributions from the employees at Lincoln Property Company; however, charity drives and donations from third-party donors across the nation help make up the numbers and ensure the charity can meet its mission of helping employees and community members who are in need. Donate to Lincoln Charities, Inc. this holiday season, and learn how you can give back to those who need it most.

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