Lincoln Storytellers: Justine Lopez

Justine Lopez

Recently, we asked members of our Lincoln family to share their stories. This week, we’re featuring Justine Lopez, our Resident Manager at Ashford Meadows, on what being a part of LPC means to her.

Having a home means more than just having a roof over your head or four walls that surround and shelter you from the outside. With Lincoln Property I have been able to provide more than just apartments, we give an experience that can evolve someone’s livelihood. Growing up, I lived in many different homes, without my own bed for years. For so long I longed for a home–I could not wait for the day that I could have my own little corner in this world. I would eventually find myself homeless and living out of my car at the lowest point of my life. Without the help of complete strangers, I would not be where I am today.

In a time when we look at the differences that divide us, it is now more important than ever to realize we all can be vessels of compassion. After all, are we all not strangers until we are able to share an experience? Working at Lincoln has allowed me to offer wonderful experiences in addition to helping our neighbors find a place they can call home. Some people live in the area for years, some have just arrived here from a different country and some are here for as little as three months. Regardless of how long they stay here, we get to be the friendly face that they interact with and sometimes we are their trusted source for the area.

I have had tours where I think–wow they are definitely going to lease–but we do not hear anything. Then a year later they come back and you realize–wow that one experience stuck with them that long. It feels great that something you did resonated with someone. This career has taught me that experiences are powerful.

Just like our neighbors, we ourselves may not be with Lincoln forever and will forge different careers. Despite this, we can create life-changing experiences with our teams! I have heard from people that it is exhausting to care and hustle day in and day out but just that small ounce of care and compassion not only changes someone’s life but it can change yours too.

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