Live Better in Corvallis, Oregon

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For many, a big city isn’t going to be the kind of place that makes them happy. Many cities ranked high on livability scores are smaller. Smaller towns have less pollution, less crowding, and less traffic, as well as lower costs. However, they may sometimes feel behind the times or offer less culture or entertainment. If this is a concern, one easy solution is to pick a college town. College towns have a market for entertainment and media targeted toward a younger audience that many other small towns do not, so they remain fresh and lively while still remaining at a comfortable size. Corvallis, Oregon, is home to Oregon State University and is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

Casual Living in Corvallis

Almost half of the population of Corvallis is college students. This means that a much greater proportion of the population than normal is in the 18-25 age group, so a lot of the available entertainment and activities will be targeted toward them. If you are in that age group but not in college, or prefer the contemporary atmosphere associated with that age group, Corvallis can provide that without the stress and bustle that would normally be required in a city with that large of a population in that age group. You can enjoy a smaller and more relaxing town without feeling like you’re living in the past or getting the suffocating small-town feel of everyone knowing everyone’s business, since much of the population rotates every four or five years.

Obviously, part of the potential advantage of living in a college town is the college itself. Whether you are of traditional college age or not, you can still benefit from having an excellent institute of learning in your area. Proctoring classes is always an option, as is returning to school part time or even full time. Doing so can not only keep your mind fresh, but also gives you advantages when it comes to employ-ability. This is especially true if you work with technology, where information changes quickly and it is important to keep up.

Another advantage to college towns is the availability of apartments. Apartments are usually much more affordable than trying to rent or buy a home, which is why they are the most popular option for college students. This means that there will be more apartment buildings in the area than there otherwise would be for a town of that size, and you can take advantage of their affordability as well.

Corvallis is a comfortable, environmentally friendly city with a thriving, young, and creative population. With its status as a college town, you can easily find an apartment there and avoid big city bustle, pollution, and stress while keeping abreast of current trends. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to pick and choose between a small city vibe and modern entertainment and commodities. Just pick a college town like Corvallis, Oregon to set up camp and you can have the best of both worlds.