Live Your Bliss This Holiday Season

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‘Tis the season to be jolly! At Lincoln Property Company, we’re ready to embrace some holiday cheer and are excited to tie in our latest campaign, Live Your Bliss into this year’s festivities.

Here are a few ways to conquer your happiness this holiday season:

Whip Up a Culinary Specialty For Friends & Family

serving food

Food, family, and friends are the three pinnacles of the holiday season. One of the best ways to enjoy all three is to serve a personal recipe to those you love. Whether your go-to is soup, pie, or even a simple hot chocolate recipe, nothing warms the soul like sharing home-cooked delights with the ones you love. Plus, you can fine-tune a personal recipe to serve for years to come.

Buy a Special Camera

taking a photo

There’s something extra special about capturing moments on a film, digital, or professional camera. While the latter may be out of your price point, the formers are easy on the wallet. Plus, you can leave your phone on silent and snap without distraction. Pro tip: Create a holiday photo album to gift to someone you love the following year! Or, use the photos for next season’s holiday cards.

Stay Balanced


Cookies, hot chocolate, sedentary nights on the couch, and other indulgent treats abound every holiday season. While we endorse all these things, it’s also important to remain active and healthy to maintain your mood and energy levels. If the weather is mild, why not embark on a holiday hike? Whether you’re trekking through snow-capped hills or desert terrain, you’ll work up an appetite for that holiday feast. Also, be sure to sprinkle some healthy days into the month. When festivities roll around, you’ll be ready to treat yourself after maintaining your routine.

DIY a Gift


Do you have a hobby that fulfills you? Whether you enjoy knitting, making jewelry, or experimenting with DIY projects, turn your talent into a gift for someone special in your life. In the process, you’ll practice what makes you happy and make your special person feel extra special.

Looking for an apartment where you can entertain during the holidays? Contact the team at Lincoln to find a community near you.