Live Healthy in a Lincoln Apartment Community

a woman drinking a smoothie
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Have you been tuning into our #LPCLiveInspired campaign? If so, you’ll notice we’ve covered how to Live Smart, Live Simply, and now we’re narrowing in on ways to Live Healthy. While our communities offer a slew of amenities and features to help you conquer your health regimen, there are also plenty of steps you can take to master the art of living a life of vitality. Here’s how apartment dwellers can conquer their health in their community.


jars in a refrigerator

It’s no secret that proper nutrition is one of the most crucial aspects to healthy living. Unfortunately, sugar, saturated fats, and refined carbs are a daily temptation, but there are various steps you can take in your Lincoln apartment to avoid these guilty pleasures. With expansive countertops and spacious refrigerators, meal prepping is a breeze for apartment dwellers. To get started, view this handy guide from Prevention. While you’re at it, turn your refrigerator into a work of art with the “jar method”, this new and trending approach utilizes “extreme jarring” where all your essential items are preserved in jars and then combined for quick and healthy meals. Known for prolonging shelf lives, encouraging a healthy diet, and transforming your fridge into a spectrum of vibrant colors, this fun method comes highly recommended.


yoga on a roof

One of the major perks of living in an apartment community is the proximity to luxurious amenities like fitness studios. While we highly recommend you take advantage of the high-tech machines and motivational atmospheres, we also suggest that apartment renters look towards other communal areas for their daily sweat sesh. Resort-style pools with cabanas can be a luxurious indulgence, but they can also be a go-to spot for fitness enthusiasts. Waking up early to do laps is a great way to get your cardio in, and offers immediate relief on a hot day. Does your community have a spacious rooftop? Grab some friends and mats for a sunrise or sunset yoga session. You can download a variety of routines online or stream videos from popular YouTube accounts like Yoga with Adriene.


a bath

Maintaining mental health is crucial for both your cognitive and physical wellbeing. Creating a routine, finding balance, setting intentions, and surrounding oneself with positive people are all steps you can take to keep a smile on your face. Getting outside and exploring your city and neighborhood is one way to get the good vibes flowing, but returning to a comfortable haven is also crucial for one’s wellbeing. To set yourself up for success, adorn your home with your favorite colors, comfortable pillows, plush blankets, and candles. After a long day in the office, returning to a clean bathtub for an evening soak can take the edge off of any bad workday. For some, being surrounded by friends is the key to positivity. Therefore, get out into your community and meet your neighbors! An impromptu glass of wine paired with a great conversation on a Lincoln balcony is one of the best ways to unwind.

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