Live Smart: 5 Money-Saving Tricks For Apartment Renters

putting money into wallet
Reading Time: 3 minutes

At Lincoln Property Company, we’re aiming to make 2018 our best year yet, which is why we’ve kicked off our yearlong campaign, #LPCLiveInspired with our first theme, Live Smart. If you’re aiming to tap into your thrifty side, we’re here to help you with money-saving tips and tricks so you can spend that well-earned moolah on what you love.

If you’re looking to pinch a few pennies, here’s where you can get started:

1. Bike To Work

closeup of a bike chain

Aside from being amazing for your health and the environment, biking to work and other destinations also benefits your bank account. Avid-bikers save thousands of cash every year on gas and oil. Also, chances of costly-collisions decrease when you only get behind the wheel a few times a week. Looking to go the extra mile? There are plenty of US cities where living car-free is more than doable. With rideshare services, public transportation, and maintained bike paths becoming more accessible, it’s only a matter of time until car-free living becomes a new norm.

2. Pack Your Lunch

prepared lunch

Luxe kitchens with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances make Lincoln properties the ideal home for those who love whipping together their own culinary creations. Homemade meals are healthier, fun to make, and can save you thousands of dollars a year. According to Business Insider, employees could save $2,500 dollars a year if they came to work equipped with their own fixings. That’s a vacation’s worth of savings! Meaning, you could spend a week on a tropical island in lieu of grabbing that same sub you eat every week from the local deli.

3. Ditch Your Memberships


When living with Lincoln, residents have access to fully-equipped fitness centers, yoga rooms, and other unique offerings that promote a life of wellness and balance. Aside from the obvious health benefits, these amenities also allow our residents to replace costly memberships with free access to top-of-the-line equipment and features.

4. Set Up Automatic Transfers

a man making a payment with a credit card

Consciously making the decision to put a chunk of your hard-earned cash into savings proves to be difficult at times. Rid yourself of the decision-making process and set up automatic transfers from your checking to your savings account. No need to transfer a large amount, $30 a month can make a huge difference throughout the year. Or, make some goals and calculate how much you should be saving to achieve them. Whether you’re looking to retire early, take a trip, or go to grad school, deduct what you need from your monthly income and put it into an automatic transfer. Then, you can spend guilt-free without impeding on your future goals.

5. Host a Hangout

dinner party

Looking for a fun and effective ways to pinch pennies? Host a hangout! Socializing is essential for our well-being, but it’s also costly. From overpriced drinks to cover charges, ending a weekend hangout without a large bill is a difficult feat. Skip the check and invite friends over for a potluck dinner party; expansive layouts, spacious countertops, and stylish communal spaces make Lincoln the perfect home for social butterflies.


Looking to Live Smart with Lincoln? Contact us today to set up a tour at a community near you! Our properties offer the tools you need to cut costs where it matters most. With equipped fitness centers, gourmet kitchens, and modern business centers, our onsite luxuries will satisfy your lifestyle and your wallet.