Meet Our LPC Neighbor of the Month – Frankie Huddleston

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Every month, the LPC blog will feature a special “Neighbor of the Month” to share their story, including why they love where they live. In 2017, we hope to build a sense of community and encourage neighbors to connect with one another. This month, the staff from The GoodWynn at Town Brookhaven has nominated their wonderful neighbor, Frankie Huddleston.

frankie goodwynn at town brookhaven

When Frankie was asked to take a photo with the ladies at The Goodwynn, he also requested a “goofy pic”….that’s just Frankie!

Frankie Huddleston is a former Marine and after the devastating, tragic events on September 11, 2001, he enlisted in the National Guard to serve his country once again. Just a few days later on September 21, 2001, Frankie was in an auto accident that left him paralyzed.

Fast forward to 2013, Frankie came to The GoodWynn at Town Brookhaven while he continued to receive excellent care at the nearby Shepherd Spinal Center. He enjoys the accessibility of all that Town Brookhaven has to offer including restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.

Frankie has touched the lives of all the staff at The GoodWynn. He is often seen coming by to get coffee orders for the ladies in the office and then heads out to the local restaurants in Town Brookhaven in his mobile wheelchair. Frankie attends all of the community’s social activities and is known for his charming personality and witty humor!

The staff has also had the pleasure of tasting some of his awesome homemade dishes…he is an excellent cook!  

Here at LPC, we are grateful that one of our communities, The GoodWynn at Town Brookhaven, is a place that gives Frankie the comfort and service he needs to stay healthy and happy! He is definitely a wonderful neighbor!

Keep an eye out for our next Neighbor of the Month and be sure to share your favorite LPC moment with us by using the hashtag #LPCneighbors!