Minneapolis: Things to Do, Places to Stay

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Minneapolis is known as the City of Lakes for a good reason, and those who have always dreamed of living by water will have no problem doing so. In fact, the lakes and rivers are so plentiful that almost all Minneapolis apartments for rent are going to be located near a water source. Even if water is not your thing, however, the city has plenty of other great things to offer.

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is rated as one of the top museums in the country. Art lovers are guaranteed to feel the desire to visit it often, and this can be easily achieved by selecting one of the apartments for rent within the general vicinity. If your art tastes lean more towards the contemporary, then the Walker Art Center will definitely make you feel right at home.

Those who are attracted to the idea of looking at Minneapolis apartments for rent because of the city’s abundance of water will be especially interested in the Chain of Lakes. Each of the five lakes is well known for something different, including boat rentals, a bird sanctuary, live music and even a nude beach.

Minnehaha Park is a favorite free spot for those who like to occasionally get away from the atmosphere of a bustling city. Located along the Mississippi River, the Minnehaha Park presents residents with a great reason to find apartments by zip code. After all, the park allows you to take a break from the city without leaving the city. For this reason alone, many incoming residents want to make sure that their new home is located nearby.

If shopping is your favorite pastime, then you cannot pick a better American city to live in than Minneapolis. The Mall of America is aptly named as it is the biggest mall in the country. Not only will you be treated to over 500 stores, but the mall also features an amusement park that has 25 rides and an aquarium that has over 10,000 sea creatures. Even those who do not enjoy shopping will find more than enough fun things to do, making the Mall of America a great destination, especially on rainy or snowy days.

Because Minneapolis is large, it is important to find apartments by zip code if you wish to be located near something specific. The almost overwhelming amount of interest activities may make it difficult to narrow down your selections, but it is a good idea to look for apartments for rent that are conveniently located to both your work and your favorite attractions.

Watertower Apartments in Eden Prarie
Watertower Apartments in Eden Prarie

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