MLB Opening Day House Party Guide

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Get your peanuts and Cracker Jacks ready, the official start to the 2015 MLB Season is here! On April 5, the Cardinals of St. Louis will face off against the Chicago Cubs for the first pitch of the season, and the instant the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand, the season is underway! If you’re not able to make it to the ballpark for opening day, you can still celebrate this time-honored American tradition by throwing one of the best house parties your neighborhood has ever seen. Follow this short guide to the ultimate MLB Opening Day House Party, and your event will no doubt be a home run.

MLB Opening Day

  1. Set the mood. We’re not talking scented candles and vino, here: We’re going a little more basic. Setting the mood for an Opening Day house party requires only a few necessities: a big-screen TV with access to ESPN’s coverage, comfortable seating for all your guests, ample room for enthusiastic cheering, and an area for refreshments. The most important factor, however, is your team outside of the baseball diamond. Get your closest friends over to your casa, especially those rooting for rival teams. While camaraderie and friendly competition are fun, nothing beats a healthy dose of watching your team dominate your friend’s team. Victory is sweet no matter where you’re sitting.
  1. Wear your pride. Paint your face, wear your jersey, and put on your lucky underwear, or any other superstitions you might have that you swear gives your team the upper hand. Support your team from the comfort of your living room by outfitting yourself, head to toe, in their paraphernalia. If you’re the only team supporter in the room, this is your chance to display your true loyalty. The more spirited you look, and the louder you cheer, the better your team will play. That’s just science.
  1. It’s not a party without signature snacks and fanfare food. We all know a visit to the baseball stadium means filling our hearts and stomachs with all things American. Hamburgers, hot dogs, peanuts, chips, funnel cakes, and beer (if you’re 21+) are all staples at the ballpark. (Bonus points if you’re into Ice Cream of the Future.) Replicate these delicacies in your kitchen to enhance the MLB vibe. Remember, on Opening Day, and basically any game day, calories don’t count.

With these bases covered, you’re to throw an amazing house party to celebrate the start of the season. Opening Day is a great way to get together with friends and appreciate one of America’s greatest traditions. So make those calls, send out the invites, fire up the grill and get ready for a great season!