Moving Into Your New Apartment: A Checklist

Reading Time: 3 minutes

While moving into a new apartment often feels like a breath of fresh air, the process itself can feel more like a collective sigh thanks to all the tasks and hassles that come with a move. To help make the moving process more manageable, we’ve put together a list of important milestones to address before, during, and after your move. Rather than addressing the apartment essentials that might line your shelves–cleaning supplies, light bulbs and utilities, toiletries, and more–this checklist focuses on some of the other items that may go unnoticed when it comes time to move.

Before the Move

Once you decide to move into a new apartment, take time to read over your current lease and get familiar with all of the processes you’ll need to follow to vacate. Follow the directions in your lease and be sure you’re providing your current landlord or property management company with all of the information required about your upcoming move. If you’ll need help moving, start researching moving companies about six to eight weeks prior to your new move. Keep a copy of your letter expressing your intent to vacate, as well as your lease, and start informing the most important parties of your forthcoming move.

Who to Tell

It’s important to check in with some of the key players in the community to let them know about your upcoming move:

  • Tell your child’s school that you’re changing location and collect any information that may be required for a change of district.
  • Tell family doctors that you’re moving, if necessary.
  • Advise your employer that you’ll be moving. This not only gives coworkers a sense of what’s on your plate in your personal life, but also helps set an expectation about delays due to changes in routine, getting used to new traffic and new routes, and more.
  • Change your mailing address. The United States Postal Service now makes this easy by offering a change of address form online.
  • Make arrangements with your utility companies, if necessary, to ensure you don’t get charged for any usage after your exit.
  • Start laying the groundwork for your new move by changing the address on important assets and accounts such as your bank, any recurring bills, and even your driver’s license

During the Move

It’s important to make note of important establishments near your new address: keep an eye out for nearby businesses in case of emergencies, including local pharmacies or 24-hour drug stores and the nearby animal hospital for pets. As you’re moving from one neighborhood to another, get a sense of what else is near your new home. Be it a dry cleaner or laundromat, department stores and grocery stores, or local eateries and entertainment, the moving process can be a great time to get to know the new neighborhood.

Contact your new landlord and ask them to walk through your new apartment before moving anything in. This will help you identify any issues with the your new home and ensure that everything looks the way it should as you make your apartment home.

After the Move

In addition to unpacking and setting up your new apartment, don’t forget these steps to get the most out of your move.

  • Meet your neighbors: It’s important to develop good relationships with your neighbors and always know someone to call in case there’s an emergency. Introduce yourself to new neighbors and make sure you get a sense of the faces in your community.
  • Talk to your new property manager about important phone numbers: Your property manager may have specific numbers for maintenance, service, management questions, or emergencies. Be sure these are saved in your phone for quick access!
  • Ensure utilities are up and running! Be sure to work with companies in the area to establish your Internet, television, or phone service, and be sure gas, electric, and water are available for use in your new unit.

Most importantly: Relax! Moving can be a stressful process, and can even be physically draining. Be sure you give yourself some much needed time to wind down after the big move. Once everything is all moved in, set aside some time to unwind and make your new apartment the home you’ve always wanted. For some additional checklists for moving and common supplies required, check out these great resources from Unpakt or The Art of Simple.

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