Must-Haves For a Community Barbecue

person holding tongs at a barbecue | must-haves for a barbecue
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Warm weather is upon us which means it’s time to get friends and neighbors together for a community barbecue. The great thing about a barbecue is that it’s easy to create a potluck experience where everyone contributes something special. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some essentials that will add flavor and fun to the day.


meat on a grill | must-haves for a community barbecue

It’s no secret that food is the star of the show at a barbecue. Therefore, it’s important to have all of your bases covered. First, make sure you have the essentials like hot dogs, burgers, buns, and all the condiments. Additionally, it’s important to add some plant-friendly options. Vegan dogs, plant-based burgers, or vegetable skewers are great options for those who don’t eat meat. When it comes to side dishes, this is a great chance for people to get creative. We’re loving this breakdown of pasta salads from Food Network as well as this potato salad from FoodieCrush.


friends having drinks by the pool | must-haves for a community barbecue

Wash down all that food with some tasty libations! We’re loving this fresh watermelon margarita which combines tequila, lime juice, simple syrup, orange liqueur, and of course, watermelon! First, you will crush two cubes of watermelon into a shaker. Then, combine the rest of the ingredients with ice and then shake. We’re also fans of this virgin piña colada which combines all of the classic ingredients without the rum.


friends playing outside | must-haves for a community barbecue

There’s nothing like some friendly competition at a barbecue. When you’re not operating the grill, playing in the pool, or mingling with neighbors, there are a variety of games to enjoy. Cornhole is a classic and simple game that’s always a crowd pleaser. You could also go with options like charades, trivia, or croquet.

Lincoln communities offer the perfect setting for a fun barbecue. To arrange a tour of a community near you, reach out to the leasing team today.