Spring Forward With These Apartment Decor Trends

apartment decor
Reading Time: 2 minutes

With new seasons, comes fresh inspiration. While we tidy our homes, many of us also take the extra step of redecorating. Thinking about taking the plunge? Here are a few decor trends to consider.

Think Circular

Circular, 70’s-inspired furniture is making a comeback. Replacing sharp edges, geometric facades, and angular corners are smooth and convex outlines. Studies have shown that curved lines and circular shapes have calming effects, while sharp angles the opposite. With this psychology making its way into the home, we’re excited to welcome plush, disk-like seating, end tables, and more.

A Green Moment

Reminiscent of vitality, nature, and freshness, green is one of the most invigorating hues on the color wheel. Now more than ever, we’re seeing it as an accent or even on the walls of our favorite spaces. One of our favorite applications is via a deep, velvet couch or a statement rug. Of course, we would be remiss not to recommend arranging a variety of plants throughout your space for an organic sprinkling of verdant charm.

Get Classic with Candlesticks

In recent years, candles living in mason jars and other round vessels was the way to go. While we love the soft glow of a slowly melting, thick candle, we also yearn for the classic feel of a tall candlestick. Amongst modern decor, a classic arrangement juxtaposes past and present, and also adds length to any display. Be sure to choose a color that accents your room as well as a base that speaks to you. We love these black candlestick holders as they are universal enough to live in most spaces.

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