The Best Dining Experiences in Raleigh

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No matter how great a city is, if you can’t find a decent meal, there’s really no point in visiting, right foodies? Fortunately, Raleigh, North Carolina has more than a few places where you can find more than just a decent meal. Here are the best dining experiences you can find in the City of Oaks.

Raleigh Restaurants
Lunch in Raleigh

Angus Barn
Everyone loves a good steak, and if you’re in the South, you should make it a point to seek out what they have to offer. When you’re in Raleigh, your best bet is to head on over to Angus Barn. Since the mid-1960s, people have been showing up to Angus Barn in the hopes of finding a good steak, and they haven’t been leaving disappointed.

Every month, the restaurant serves up nearly 20,000 steaks, perfectly grilled and dry-aged to perfection. Be as picky as you want when you get there. The steak-lover’s paradise serves up 8 different cuts, which you can customize, thanks to the six sauces and toppings available. Not into steak? Not a problem. They also have lamb and seafood options. In fact, Angus Barn even has vegetarian dishes, though you’ll probably want to hold your breath while you’re in there.

Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern
Just like you could probably guess the décor and menu from the name “Angus Barn”, your imagination is probably correct about Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern. Short of eating in an actual castle, it doesn’t get much classier than this. Inside the historic Dodd-Hinsdale House, you’ll find a dining experience fit for a lord and lady. Walk through the ornate arch doorway to your dinner table and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells, and warmth of the crackling fireplace nearby. Wine lovers will appreciate their award-winning selection, and anyone with an appetite will have more than enough options to complete the experience. You can also choose to sit down for a meal in the tavern, where the experience is a bit more casual, but you can still get a mean martini.

Saint Jacques
For a taste of France, you can’t go wrong with Raleigh’s Saint Jacques. The owner, Lil Lacassagne, is actually from the South of France, so you can bet the menu is authentic. The décor is decidedly French, as well, meaning you’ll leave the North Ridge Shopping Center and enter a dining room that could be in Cavalière. At Saint Jacques, you can enjoy escargot, filet mignon, and wine from all of France’s famous regions.

Bloomsbury Bistro
Bloomsbury Bistro is home to John Toler, a chef of national repute. He insists on changing the menu every season, so if it’s been a while since you’ve dined at the restaurant, your taste buds can count on a whole new experience. While Toler himself clearly prefers French cuisines, he steeps many of his options in American dining. Visitors will have no problem ordering a beautiful portion of Black Angus beef just as easily as they may request duck liver. The bistro’s dining room is intimate but very comfortable.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse
Another great option for steaks is the elegant Sullivan’s Steakhouse. Here, you can find all the beef your heart desires, as well as oysters on the half shell, Chilean sea bass, and much more. While you wait for your table, enjoy a cocktail made from their extensive cache of liquor, or visit the humidor for your favorite cigar.

Raleigh is a beautiful city with plenty of sights to take in. However, when the day draws to a close, you’ll probably have quite the appetite to address. If you want more than just a burger and fries, try any of the above restaurants. They provide dining experiences that offer more than just great meals.

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