The Best Recipes to Make as a Group

friends laughing and cooking
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If you’re in the mood to host a dinner party, but don’t want to take on all the cooking responsibility, try one of these recipes that are easy to make as a group. Not only are they easy to make, but you’ll love raising a glass to your group effort before you dig in.

Homemade Pasta

making fresh pasta | recipes to make as a group

Homemade pasta can be tedious to make with just two hands. However, with a group, it can turn into a bonding activity. To make the pasta, gather your friends around a table and make sure it’s been cleaned. Then, collect all-purpose flour, eggs, olive oil, and salt. Have each guest make a small “nest” with the flour. This means creating a pile and digging a small middle hole. Then add an egg, a little olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt into the hole. Use clean hands to knead it all together and then roll it out. Once it’s flat, you can use a knife to cut it into fettuccine or invest in a pasta maker to get creative with shapes. Cook, combine with your favorite sauce, and enjoy!

Make Your Own Pizza

friends grabbing a slice of pizza | recipes to make as a group

Instead of ordering delivery, gather a group of friends to make your own delicious individual pizzas. Not only will you satisfy your craving, but you and your guests will be able to customize each pie to your liking. You can buy fresh dough or make your own. Offer a variety of sauces — from classic marinara to a white garlic spread. Toppings are crucial and should include a range that will appeal to everyone. Don’t forget pepperoni for meat lovers as well as plenty of veggies for those who are plant-based.


pre-cooked dumplings | recipes to make as a group

Traditionally rolled by hand, dumplings are a Chinese delicacy that can easily be conquered by a group. It may take a little practice to create the ideal dumpling shape, however, once you do you’ll be churning them out while laughing with friends. We’re loving this recipe from Mama Loves to Cook that embraces the traditional method.

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