The Top Pet-Friendly Plants For Your Apartment

a puppy with plants
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Pets and plants are not always the best combination. While we love our furry family members and our greenery, there are some varietals that are not safe around animals.

Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful blooms and sprouts that will be totally fine around your four-legged friend. Check out which plants we’re purchasing in our pet-friendly apartments.

Cat-Friendly Plants

cat and plants

Cats are notorious for pawing at and chomping away at your beloved houseplants. Not only does this injure the plant, but some species may be poisonous for your cat. For example, pothos, English ivy, and chrysanthemums are not great for their digestive health. Instead, opt for the following:

Boston Fern

With soft and wispy leaves, Boston ferns add an elegant appeal to any space. Plus, they enjoy indirect sunlight so no matter where they live they will be easy to care for.

Parlor Palm

These large and beautiful floor plants make quite the statement. Most importantly, they’re cat-friendly and will easily command any space.

Dog-Friendly Plants

a dog with plants

Similar to cats, some dogs make it a habit to chomp away at your beloved houseplants. Instead of sacrificing your greenery collection, choose from the following plants that will coexist with your pup peacefully.


These plants are extremely unique in appearance, with colorful leaves and bright patterns. Plus, your pup will not get sick if they happen to ingest it. However, these plants are used to jungle-like humidity so may be a challenge to care for. If you’re up for it, invest in a humidifier or keep it in the bathroom.

Lady Palm

Lady palms have deep green leaves, adding jungle feels to any space. They are moderately easy to care for and should have good drainage and be kept in indirect light.

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