Things To Do in Austin, Texas

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There are so many things to do in Austin, Texas this summer! When the temperature starts to climb and the kids get out of school, it’s time to take full advantage of Austin’s vibrant community and the extensive options for summer fun and adventure. Whether visiting for a quick weekend or taking a long trip with the kids in tow – Austin has the perfect summer entertainment that will leave you wanting more.

Austin, Texas


No matter what you enjoy, Austin, Texas will delight and entertain you! Browse through our list of some of Austin’s highlights. Take a risk. Do something different this weekend. Get a group together and hit the town. These are a few of our top recommendations that you simply cannot miss.

Swim and Relax in Natural Springs

To cool off from the city’s high temperatures, head into one of Austin’s natural springs and pools. Hamilton Pool Preserve, with its 50-foot tall waterfall and beautiful limestone, makes for the ideal location for relaxation. Krause Springs is about 30 miles to the west of the downtown Austin area and boasts 32 springs for you to enjoy. Overnight camping sites are available – so pack the camping gear a get ready for a relaxing and breathtaking trip.

Outdoor Local Festivals and Events

  • Lake Kyle offers free movies under the stars. You don’t want to miss this magical and family friendly experience.
  • Take the Texas Nature Challenge and go caving, fishing, geo-caching, and hiking throughout the area’s parks. This is the ideal option for experiencing the natural beauty of the great state of Texas.
  • Check out the Round the Rock Instagram Summer Challenge!
  • Visit the Downtown Farmer’s Market.
  • Explore the City’s Treasures

Indoor Entertainment

Austin has plenty of incredible destinations worth visiting. You do not always have to be outdoors to have fun in this city!

These are just a few options for fun in Austin, Texas this summer. Whether you want to cool off in one of the dozens of pools, visit the family friendly sites, or enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the city – Austin, Texas is happy to fill your summer with new experiences, great food, and Texas culture.