5 Things to Get Rid of When Moving Out on Your Own

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Moving into your first apartment as a young adult is often seen as a right of passage. With this step into adulthood comes the responsibility of choosing what will make the cut in your new place. Whether your apartment is small or large, shared or solo, consolidating your items is crucial for keeping an organized mind and space. While it’s fun to reflect on the years that have gone by, it’s equally important to make room for the future memories you’ll be making in your new home. Here are 5 things to leave behind when moving into your new apartment as an adult.

Stuffed Animals

While fuzzy friends are great reminders of more innocent times, they’re better left in your parent’s basement or in a donation bin. Having your favorite stuffed animals displayed on your bed or on a shelf can bring back pleasant memories but purple dinosaurs and blue bears may send the wrong message to guests that are visiting. If you are really set on holding onto your plush pals, preserve them out of sight in air-tight storage or donate them to a local shelter for a lucky kid to find their new best friend.

Old Photos

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Instead of displaying old baby pictures on your walls, keep them safe from dust and potential sun damage in a photo album. This way, you can preserve your special memories while saving valuable wall space. Display current pictures of fun times with friends and family or invest in a unique piece of art or two for a gallery wall.

Books You’ve Already Read

Make room for new adventures by clearing out books from your childhood or novels you’ve already flipped through from cover to cover. If you just can’t bear to let go of your collection of a young adult series you grew up with, consider donating the paper copies and going digital. By storing your favorite novels digitally, you can save space for new reads while being able to easily go back and visit your most beloved characters.

Outdated Clothing

Chances are you aren’t going to wear that tie-dye t-shirt from your middle school field trip anytime soon. Donate old clothing that doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn in years for someone else to enjoy. Just can’t part with shirts or a sweater from a special event? Have it converted into a patchwork quilt or tapestry for your wall – perfect for reminiscing while saving space!


Gone are the days of your favorite boy band or super hero hanging above your bed. Opt for unique and interesting photographs or colorful paintings to line your walls. Choose something you’ll love to walk by everyday or something that could act as a great conversation starter at a get-together. Be sure to use frames to avoid curled corners and other damaging factors.

Stepping out on your own is a rewarding and enjoyable experience! If you’re interested in finding your first apartment, consider Lincoln Property Company. We have a wide range of communities to fit your unique style. Start your search here.