Three Hot Tips for Summer Resident Events

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When planning events for your residents this summer, it’s important to keep in mind that while it may be nice to enjoy the long days of sunshine, summertime is not without its special challenges. For those of you looking to plan outdoor events for residents during the summer, it’s important to stay mindful of different things that can play an important role in a great summertime event. Below, we identify three key tips for great events this summer.

Food for Thought

Perhaps nothing sums up a good summer event better than an outdoor barbecue. While residents may queue up for their chance to enjoy a great burger from the grill, try to keep in mind alternative options. Including fruit in your dish can help residents satiate their hunger with some summertime sweetness, but can also help residents stay cool and hydrated.

Fruits can be a great pairing with some grill favorites: From grilled pineapple skewers to teriyaki burgers, starters like bruschetta or grilled avocado with beans and salsa, to delectable desserts like grilled mango with mint or grilled peaches with ice cream. However, perhaps nothing says summertime barbecue like grilled corn. Bringing fruit or veggies to the grill can be a great way to add a succulent sense of summer to your barbecue, and give residents a taste of seasonal foods.

However, while grilling fruit is great, it’s also a good chance to introduce healthy foods for the season. Corn is actually an incredibly nutritious summer food, as Eating Well points out: “[Two of the antioxidants in corn] act as natural sunglasses, helping to form macular pigment that filters out some of the sun’s damaging rays,” while tomatoes also help protect against the sun. Watermelon is also an incredible food to serve to keep your residents cool and hydrated during the hot summer. Just remember to keep any food covered to deter pesky bugs!

Hydration Stations

No matter what your residents may wish to drink at your outdoor event, ensure your residents drink a lot of water. When it’s hot outside, sweat might keep you cool–but it’s also taking fluid from your body. “Don’t wait to drink water until you’re thirsty,” says Healthline in an article overviewing the importance of hydration in the heat. In addition, natural fruit juices without added sugars help to keep you hydrated, but also help to give you “nutrients to keep you active in hot weather.”

If your community clubhouse or lounge has a refrigerator, you can keep drinks nice and cold on a hot day. No refrigerator nearby? No problem! A couple of coolers filled with ice will do just fine.

Take It Inside

Don’t be afraid to take it inside if it gets too hot outside. Your residents’ health and safety should always remain top priority. If temperatures are getting too hot, residents could get dehydrated, overheated, sunburned, or even suffer from heatstroke. When throwing an event outside, try to keep one common room open at the same time to move the party indoors if things get too hot.

Summer is a great time to gather residents together for some fun in the sun. Whether your events is outdoors or indoors, residents are able to enjoy the community, sample seasonal foods, and get to know their neighbors, all while taking in the joys of the summer season. Interested in more resident event ideas? Check out our past blog posts or contact us today!