Tips For Finding Your Dream Couch Without Breaking the Bank

green couch in a living room
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Now that you’ve landed your dream apartment, it’s time to furnish it with new pieces! However, when it comes to furniture shopping, it can be hard to find exactly what you want without breaking the bank, especially when it comes to couches. Luckily, there are a few workarounds for this dilemma. Here are some to consider:

Get Thrifty

Thrift, antique, and consignment shops are great places to turn to when looking for affordable and unique furniture. Not only will you find something that is within your budget but it will be a piece that no one else has. Peruse your local establishments or look for something online. Sites like Etsy are a great resource. You can also see what your neighbors are offering on platforms like Facebook Marketplace.

Get Creative

If you have something specific in mind, put on your DIY hat and reupholster a couch you already own, or find something cheap in a thrift store. Bear in mind, upholstery is no easy task but with some dedication and the right tools, you can create something really special. We are loving this guide from MasterClass that will have you sitting in your own handmade piece in no time.

Get Stylish

If you’re feeling less specific and are seeking an easier solution, then look online for throw blankets to jazz up an affordable couch. Additions like bolsters and throw pillows will elevate the look. Etsy offers a variety of coverings, even some that are large enough to cover the couch completely. With the right mix of accessories, you will discover a transformed piece that appeals to your sense of style.

Now that you have your couch covered, check out our latest post on how to source a unique headboard. Or, if you’re looking for a new apartment, reach out to us today. We would happy to arrange a tour of a community near you.