Tips For Growing Succulents Indoors

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Are you struggling to keep your succulents alive? Many people share this struggle because succulents can be very temperamental and need just the right environment to thrive. Growing succulents indoors starts with a bit of knowledge about the plants you own and how to choose the best environment to help them to grow. If you’re ready to keep your succulents alive, follow these simple steps!

Succulents Indoors


  • Focus on the correct climate – The first step is to get the climate just right for these dry-air loving plants. They grow well in areas without humidity. If you live in an area that is humid, allow the plants to virtually dry out before you water them. This helps to artificially create the climate that succulents need.
  • Choose the right plants for you – Here are a few recommendations of succulents that are easier to grow:
  • Burro’s Tail: ideally planted in a hanging basket, needs dry soil in between watering and a 10-10-10 fertilizer to do well.
  • Crown of Thorns: This blooming plant needs sunlight to flourish, but also needs dry soil and a 10-30-10 fertilizer – especially if you want great blooms all year long
  • Jade Plant: This easy-to-grow succulent needs a balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer, dry soil between waterings, and limited watering (only water when the soil gets very dry.)

Growing cactus indoors from these varieties can give beginners the experience necessary for more complex or harder-to-manage plants.

  • Invest in greener succulents – If you struggle with growing succulents, consider planting a greener variety. Green varieties are easier to grow than those that are gray, purple, or blue. Green succulents require basic amounts of sunlight and limited fertilizers to do well.
  • Grow cactus-looking plants indoors – Although most forms of cactus do best in bright sunlight, dry conditions, and high heat, there are some cactus-like plants that thrive indoors. Specifically, aloe or agave. Just place these somewhat smaller plants near a bright window to ensure they get enough sunlight throughout the day. They add vibrant color to any setting.
  • Keep the soil well drained – You do not need large pots or excessive repotting for succulents. However, you need to ensure that the soil can drain well. You should use compost material whenever possible, but ensure there is enough moisture and air movement to keep things dry. Any pot needs to drain well, as you will kill succulents if their roots remain wet too long.

With these tips, growing succulents indoors can become much easier for you and your plants! You’ll find the process isn’t as hard, as long as you create the natural environment succulents love and are used to. With a bit of practice, you may find these to be your favorite type of plant to grow indoors.