Tips For Taking Care of Apartment Plants in the Spring

group of plants with a sign saying 'home jungle'
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Spring is a great time to rethink your plant maintenance. Shifting habits as the sun becomes stronger and the days longer will help your apartment greenery thrive. Here are a few ways to give your spring plants some extra TLC.

Adjust Watering

watering a plant | plant maintenance in the spring

As the weather warms up and humidity increases in the air, plants become dry and need more frequent watering. The best way to check that your plants need more water is to stick your finger an inch into the soil to see if it’s dry. If so, then your plant is ready for watering.

Watering plants in the spring and summer can be trickier when traveling. With more vacations and humidity in the air, it can be difficult to stay on top of a watering schedule. Luckily, there are innovative products that can help you out like these self-watering pots and globes.

Make Sure They’re Getting Enough Sunlight

spritzing a plant on a stand | plant maintenance in the spring

It’s important to utilize the extra sunlight in the spring to help your plants grow big and strong. If you’re noticing certain plants are wilting or if the leaves start to look pale, it may be a good idea to relocate the plant. Certain plants need different shades of light so do some research and position plants accordingly. For a quick boost, place your plants outside on a patio or balcony. It’s also a good idea to occasionally spritz the leaves and wipe them down. This removes dust and particles so there is no barrier between the leaves and sunlight.

Buy More Plants

group of plants on a window sill

Stocking up on plants will not only add extra greenery to your apartment, but it will also improve the health of the plants that you already own. It’s been stated that placing plants next to each other can boost growth or even enhance the flavor of herbs and vegetables. Studies have shown that proximity to other plants can help to reduce stress due to signals they give one another.

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