3 Keys to Keeping a Pet Happy in Your Apartment

Reading Time: 2 minutes

For many, a pet isn’t just a companion, but a part of the family. However, as families relocate to new settings and surroundings, it’s important for pet owners to keep their feline friend or canine companion in mind when choosing a home. Moving to a new apartment can give pet owners a reason to pause, as many residents may have relied on lawns and grass to keep their pets active, comfortable, and healthy. Below, we go over three things residents should consider to keep their pet a happy member of the family, regardless of their new surroundings.

Know Your Breed

It’s important that both apartment-seekers and aspiring pet owners choose their breed wisely. From purebreds to mutts, there are certain characteristics that are hard-wired into an animal that may make adjustments difficult. According to Apartment Therapy, “It’s important to choose a dog who is well-suited for apartment living and confined spaces.” While many dogs may be small enough for an apartment, some have high energy levels that may not suit apartment living. It’s important for residents to research the breed of their pet and understand the setting that will make both the owner and dog the most comfortable.  

Learn Your Route and Surroundings

This tip is especially important for pet owners who are moving from homes with a yard or direct access to the outdoors. Residents with pets need to be aware of the floor they’re on and how that impacts the daily trips outside. From direct outdoor access on a first-floor home to a complicated trip downstairs in an urban high-rise, trips outside are going to require a different sense of planning. Those with longer routes to get outside may consider training pads or indoor patches of grass in order to compensate for less frequent trips outside. Also, if a pet is addicted to the outdoors, try to bring a little outdoors into the apartment. Consider a plant from a pet store that can become your cat or dog’s personal plaything!

Exercise Consistently

From playing indoors to scheduling trips outside, giving a pet enough exercise is essential to a having a healthy and happy animal. When dogs or cats act crazy inside, it’s usually a good indicator that they may need more toys or just time designated for play. For cats, be sure to stock up on toys and games, including scratchers and elevated perches to satisfy their built-in need to scratch, play, hide, and climb. Not only will this keep your cat happy, it will help you get your security deposit back! For dogs, it is critically important to ensure that they have toys to keep them entertained inside, and plenty of time to exercise and play when outside. Pet owners should plan to take dogs on at least two walks per day in order to ensure they stay active and enjoy the outdoors. This can be a great way to build community and meet other residents with dogs, as well as a chance to take advantage of community amenities like dog parks and nearby walking trails.

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