Tips For a Stress-Free Dinner Party

friends at a dinner party
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As restaurants get trendier and homes get smaller, the once beloved practice of hosting a dinner party has become less common.

While reservations are easier to make than a delicacy for your friends, nothing can replace the feelings of gratitude and camaraderie that a home cooked meal evokes. If you’re looking to Live Your Bliss in 2019 by welcoming friends and food into your home, here are some tips to make it as rewarding as possible.

Cook Something From The Heart


Whether it’s a family recipe or a personal specialty, food from the heart is best served amongst those you cherish. What exactly is food from the heart? Most of the time, it’s a dish that you feel a deep connection to, that warms the soul as well as your stomach. There’s typically a story behind it, oftentimes nostalgic anecdotes from your childhood or perhaps the background of a delicacy you fell in love with on vacation. Regardless, sharing these stories and their flavors will be a treat for both you and your guests.

Don’t Fret The Small Stuff

friends on the couch

Now more than ever, dwellers are swapping out unnecessary space for cozy apartments. Without a dining room or a large table, many renters feel they’re not equipped to host dinner at their place. If you wait for the perfect dining room set or the ideal amount of space, you may lose out on memories and meals with those you love. Instead, make your dinner party more casual by allowing guests to grab a plate, serve up, and grab a spot on the couch. Floor cushions are great alternatives to chairs when dining at a coffee table and can even make the experience more relaxed. Fancy plates and formal wine glasses may feel important, but when the food is good and the conversation is fulfilling, the table setting becomes immaterial.

Accept Help & Contributions

cooking with friends

It may seem overwhelming to prepare a dish for you and your six closest friends. Especially when you’re trying to be the ultimate host, juggling conversation and pot roast can prove to be difficult. Instead, enlist the help of your guests and enjoy cooking together. Also, let someone bring a salad, appetizer, side dish, or dessert. We highly recommend that guests bring their favorite wine or case of beer so the party can sample a variety of great sips.

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