Tips to Being a Good Neighbor, and How to Handle the Bad

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Keeping a few etiquette basics in mind can help to create a more pleasant environment for you and your neighbors.

Virtually everyone has a story about a strange or obnoxious neighbor that had to be dealt with. For those of us who haven’t, hopefully we aren’t on the other side of the equation as the problem neighbor in question! Part of being a good neighbor is understanding how simple it is to show respect and courtesy to your neighbors to create a truly harmonious environment. Let’s look at some easy tips to being a good neighbor, as well as how to handle bad neighbors in a respectful manner.

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The grin gets the win

It is hard not to smile back at someone when they smile at you. The first step to being a good neighbor is to simply smile, wave, nod, or otherwise show friendly and inviting courtesy to your neighbors. You’ll find that this might invite others to get to know you easier – possibly creating lifelong friendships!

Keep Fido on a leash

Most people have a soft spot in their heart for dogs. But not everyone! Show courtesy towards your neighbors by keeping your dogs on a leash when in public places, and also make sure to address any incessant barking issues appropriately. This can go beyond a minor nuisance and can become a city noise ordinance violation quite quickly.

Keep your yard tidy

No, you don’t need to tend to your prized petunias every single weekend, but you do need to make sure that your yard is neat and orderly. Keep weeds at bay, minimize clutter on your balcony or patio, and keep grass well-groomed if you have a yard.

Drive with care

Most individuals behave quite differently when in their vehicles than they do virtually anywhere else throughout the day. Regardless of the reason, they sure that you are an alert driver and be conscious of kids, pets, and cyclists with whom you share the street. Nothing infuriates a parent more than somebody using the neighborhood as their personal racetrack, with little regard for the safety of children. Also, keep your stereo at a modest volume if you are driving through the neighborhood with your windows down – it is simply common courtesy.

Talk to your neighbors

While your property manager is certainly available to handle any escalated issues between you and your fellow neighbors, most conflicts can be handled with a simple conversation. Use good judgment, but unless the concern continues to be a problem after you’ve addressed it, you might get further by talking to your neighbor in person first.

Being a good neighbor is not only a good idea, it is crucial to maintaining a positive relationship with your neighbors and can make coming home something to look forward to – rather than something to dread. Communicate with your neighbors, smile and be friendly, keep your own residence neat and tidy, drive with care, and be conscious of your pets. These steps, plus resolving conflicts directly, can go a long way towards creating true harmony within your neighborhood.

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