Try These Summer Brunch Recipes

yogurt and pastries | summer brunch recipes
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Celebrate the flavors of the season by hosting an alfresco brunch at your home! Whether you’re spreading out on a patio or grilling in a lush picnic area, it’s easy to make a decadent spread in your Lincoln apartment or community. If you’re not sure what to add to the menu, here are some ideas.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

lemon ricotta pancakes | summer brunch recipes

Add a summertime zest to a breakfast classic by preparing fluffy lemon ricotta pancakes. It may feel odd to add cheese to pancakes, however, ricotta adds moisture to the pancakes making them taste extra decadent and rich. Ricotta is a type of cheese that blends seamlessly into a recipe adding texture rather than a bold cheesy flavor. To prepare, mix your wet and dry ingredients separately. Then, pour the batter onto your griddle into your desired shape. Simply observe and flip when they’re ready! If you would like, you can top with fresh berries, syrup, and of course butter.

Caprese Eggs Benedict

Bring the flavors of the garden into your next brunch by opting for this Caprese Eggs Benedict. This dish embraces many of the classic features of an eggs benedict like poached eggs, hollandaise, and toasted English muffins. However, the addition of fresh tomato slices and basil adds a lighter feel that embraces the mood of summer. However, meat lovers can add complimentary additions like prosciutto or a lean turkey bacon.

Farmers Market Breakfast Bowls

carrots and spices | summer brunch recipes

Inspired by farm fresh summer produce, these bowls from Love and Lemons are perfect for those looking for a healthy and vibrant meal. The main ingredients include spiced carrots, a yogurt green goddess sauce, and salad fixings. To prepare, grate the carrots and then mix with lemon, olive oil, cumin, coriander, and salt and pepper. Then, make your sauce by combining yogurt, lemon, olive oil, garlic, and salt in a food processor and then slowing incorporating mint, chives, and basil. Assemble your bowls with all the salad fixings and your spiced carrots and then drizzle with your homemade dressing.

It’s easy to entertain and host lavish meals inside our apartments. To find a community near you, reach out to a leasing agent today.