Unique Ways To Bring The Outside Into Your Apartment

smelling a flower
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It’s no secret that one of the greatest joys in life is being in nature. Relaxing amongst the trees, sitting by the ocean, and feeling a calm breeze is known to have psychological and physical benefits.

While we all can’t make time to be fully immersed in a natural setting, we can introduce accents of nature into our apartments. From incorporating plants to getting creative with your YouTube queue, here are a few unique ways to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

Turn Your TV into Decor

watching a nature documentary

While your television may typically be reserved for Netflix binge sessions, it can also serve as a virtual getaway to scenic destinations. If you can access YouTube, search for your favorite setting and let it play on repeat as you unwind. This forest scene can serve as a tranquil backdrop as you read your favorite novel or prepare a delectable meal. This tropical paradise welcomes the sounds of crashing waves into your living room. For those who prefer a mountain getaway, this video of a running river among distant peaks will satisfy your wanderlust.

Buy Flowers For Yourself

bouquet of flowers

Flowers are always a wonderful gift, especially when they come from yourself! Treat yourself to your favorite blooms and order up a bouquet from a local flower shop. You’ll love waking up to a bountiful display on your kitchen table and treating yourself to the aroma when you need a quick pick-me-up.

Let Your Plants Climb


Climbing plants, including ivies and vines, bring an organic and natural feel to any space. Not only do they add verdant appeal, but the “overgrown” aesthetic is similar to plants one would find in the wild.

Use Produce & Herbs as Decor

fruit bowl

Another great way to bring the outside in is to utilize the earth’s bounty as decor. The fruit bowl has been a common staple in households for decades now. To level up, introduce items like hanging citrus baskets, fruit trees, and potted herbs.

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