Unique Ways to Decorate an Apartment Balcony

woman lounging on a patio
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Is your balcony ready for an upgrade? Summer is a great time to reenvision your outdoor space and make stylish adjustments. Whether you have a green thumb, love to entertain, or are simply looking to unwind outside, these decorative ideas will appeal to you.

Add a Vertical Garden

Let your plants flourish in the sun by adding a vertical garden to your outdoor space. There are many ways to set up your garden however we love this DIY wood slat garden wall from Remodelaholic. To get the look and feel of this wall without all the labor, purchase this pick from Amazon and mount it on the back wall of your patio. Choose hanging plants for your vertical garden and admire their long vines cascading down. Spider plants, string of pearls, and pothos will all look amazing in your outdoor space. Home chefs can grow a bounty of herbs or even vegetables with a hydroponic grower outside. This pick from Etsy will have you reaching for fresh herbs just steps away on your balcony.

Add a Bar Cart

Sip refreshing summer cocktails with ease when you add a stylish bar cart to your outdoor space. This dark acacia wood pick from Amazon offers a rustic look and feel. It also has wheels so you can easily move it if the party goes inside. It’s best to not keep glassware outdoors due to the elements. Therefore, you can decorate your bar cart with plants when it’s not in use and then move them to the side when you’re entertaining.

Add Floor Cushions

Typically, we sit upright all day. After a long day at the office, it can be nice to lie down outside on a patio. Therefore, swap out chairs and use floor cushions on your patio. This addition is great for those looking to relax outside with a good book or a calming meditation. To keep the mindfulness vibes going, incorporate incense sticks and soft outdoor lighting.

Are you looking for an apartment with a balcony? We can’t wait to help you find the perfect new space. Reach out to us today to get started.