Unique Ways to Display Jewelry

person wearing bracelets | unique ways to store jewelry
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Did you know that your jewelry can double as decor? Along with adding flair to an outfit, it can also serve as decoration for your space. Whether you’re looking to organize necklaces, rings, or earrings, these creative storage ideas will also elevate the look of your apartment.


green necklace | unique ways to store jewelry

Move on from the days of detangling necklaces and get creative with storage. If you have one statement necklace you’d love to show off, place it on a mannequin bust like this stylish pick from Etsy. For those who have a larger collection of necklaces, opt for this copper necklace holder for your wall. If you’re feeling creative, check out these DIY ideas from the Home Edit.


two rings on a string | green necklace | unique ways to store jewelry

After a long day, take off your rings and place them in a stylish storage situation. An easy option to take is to place them in a decorative bowl. For extra flair, find a hand sculpture and slip your favorite rings onto the fingers. We love this celestial version from Urban Outfitters and this peace sign version from Etsy.


Turn your earring collection into wall art. To go the simple route, buy a stylish corkboard and insert your earrings. To get a little more creative, get a picture frame without the glass. Where the glass is supposed to be, attach a sheet of wire mesh using heavy-duty staples or small nails. Afterward, insert your earrings into the mesh for a stylish display. This can either be hung on the wall or can sit on your dresser like a picture frame.

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