Walkable Communities Draw National Attention to Denver

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At one time, the American lifestyle was incredibly strenuous. From farming to industrial manufacturing, nearly every task required some form of exertion. But thanks to improvements in technology, creature comforts, and ergonomics, our daily lives are much easier, safer, and longer lasting. However, this ease is not always a benefit, as it can make exercise a distant and often forgotten opportunity. To compensate for a lack of strenuous activity on the job, many Americans are looking to relocate themselves to homes and apartments that promote activity, especially ones within walking distance of local attractions.

Walkable Shopping and Living Areas
The beauty of walkable communities is threefold. First of all, walkable communities allow residents to exercise while performing daily tasks such as picking up groceries at the local supermarket, visiting the barbershop for a haircut, or savoring a tasty treat at a local restaurant or ice cream shop. And most importantly, this exercise can be done safely. Because walkable communities are designed to allow a free flow of pedestrian traffic, they also provide more sidewalks and marked crosswalks to prevent and deter injuries and vehicle-pedestrian collisions. Secondly, walkable communities offer a friendlier environment, suitable for raising a family. If you never see your neighbors, it is hard to get to know them, but if you cross paths daily, impromptu conversations are more likely to happen, thus generating a closer-knit community.

Walkable communities are better for the environment and your health. Performing any kind of exercise in a high-traffic, high-pollution neighborhood is dangerous and toxic. But in a walkable community, the amount of vehicle traffic is generally far lower, and pollution is lower as well. But there are even more benefits to walking communities. Not only does traveling by foot have a measurable advantage in terms of exercise, but it also can help you reduce your use of gasoline and the charges associated with it.

Denver, Colorado is home to several of these walkable communities, and if you are looking for Colorado apartments for rent, you should strongly consider the apartments in Denver. Designed to encourage an active lifestyle through a variety of activities, Lincoln Property Company managed apartment communities are the perfect choice for someone looking for a walkable community. With five locations to choose from in the greater Denver area, you are sure to find the dwelling of your dreams and a lifestyle that suits your needs. Contact a Leasing Professional from any of our communities today, and start on the path to relocation!

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