Your Guide to Growing Summer Herbs Indoors

fresh herbs | tips for growing summer herbs indoors
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There’s nothing quite like the vibrant flavors of summer. Farm fresh produce can enliven recipes unlike other ingredients. Luckily, you can grow your own herbs from the comfort of your Lincoln apartment. Here are a few varietals that are easy to nurture from home.


basil and lemon | tips for growing summer herbs indoors

Basil is a popular herb that decorates pizza and pasta or can be ground up into a vibrant pesto. This flavorful addition to any meal should be placed in a sunny window and watered regularly. To test when your plant may need more water, stick your finger into the soil to assess how dry it is. If you feel no moisture, go ahead and hydrate your plant. When you’re ready to harvest, snip the point where two larges leaves meet, and enjoy!

When you find yourself with ample basil, try this pesto recipe from Food Network.


a mojito | tips for growing summer herbs indoors

When you’re craving a mojito, reach for fresh mint in your Lincoln kitchen. When growing mint indoors, the more light the better. Place your mint plant next to your basil in a south-facing window if possible. To maintain the mint for optimal growth, be sure to trim the stems on a regular basis. Additionally, it’s important to fertilize your mint. Unlike other herbs, mint has a good chance of staying alive through the winter and it’s especially important to fertilize during that time.

Celebrate the season with this vibrant watermelon salad with feta and mint courtesy of Delish.


cilantro | tips for growing summer herbs indoors

One of the keys to growing bountiful cilantro is planting it in well-drained soil. Therefore, make sure you pick a pot that has drainage holes. Additionally, cilantro prefers cooler climates, so when the weather climbs higher than 85 degrees, move your plant out of the sun for optimal growth.

Nothing screams summer like fresh seafood. Therefore, once you grow your cilantro, treat yourself to this tasty cilantro, lime, and shrimp recipe from A Couple Cooks.

Are you looking to add even more summer recipes to the menu? Check out our recent post on summer food and drink pairings. Or, if you’re looking for a new apartment to enjoy all this delicious food in, contact the team at Lincoln today.