2015 Outdoor Patio Trends

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With the start of the outdoor season comes the need to spruce up the patio. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood if you invest in any one of the latest 2015 outdoor patio trends. Today’s trends are all about comfort, relaxation, and a bit of style. Outdoor patio trends for this year also include a bold mix of color and vibrancy. Have fun incorporating a few of these trends into your own home.

Outdoor Patio Furniture
  • Vertical Gardens – It seems as though everyone is attempting to grow their own foods this year, and vertical gardens provide an option for home gardening, with limited space. Even if you plant annuals, vertical gardens offer a low-maintenance route of adding life to your patio. They are ideal for the West’s drought conditions. Choose a smaller scale vertical garden for a balcony or a larger, spread out vertical garden for your large deck.
  • Water Features – Take water features to the next level with a few unique outdoor patio ideas. For example, adding a small aquarium as a centerpiece can be captivating. Add a small infinity water feature where the water slowly falls over the wall. It’s still charming to use rocks and slow-moving water, but this year’s trends call for more simplistic elements of water.
  • Bright Pops of Color – From lime green to dazzling yellow, add bright components of color to your patio. Purchase a few recliners or anti-gravity chairs in your favorite color. Continue the bright color theme with a couple bright throw pillows. Another of the outdoor patio trends this year is the use of shabby chic furniture. Delicate and charming, you can easily get your punch of color by adding a few colorful pillows or cushions to these “country-charm” pieces.
  • Bring the Indoors Outside – For a larger investment, consider adding a traditional-style fireplace (mantle and all) to the patio. This, coupled with another of the outdoor patio trends this year – hurricane lights – can help to make a patio feel more like a comfortable and welcoming living room space. Hurricane candles can be as large or as small as you like. They also help to make your backyard feel like a romantic getaway as the sun goes down.
Outdoor Patio Built In Grill
  • Built-in Features – Ditch the grill that can travel with you and replace it with a built-in model. Consider adding a built-in bar, seating, and even a fire pit for even more flare. High-end quality is important. Stone remains one of the most common building elements for patios with built-in features, but you can even transform a basic wood deck into a beautiful space with a few built-in solar light posts and benches.

Most important for outdoor patio trends is comfort. It’s all about finding a way to relax and unwind right at home, while being one with the great outdoors.

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