Tour of LPC Headquarters, by #YogaWithMary

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When Lincoln Property Company hired a new Marketing Director for our West Coast portfolio, Mary Missirlian, we found out at the same time that she was “pretty good” at Yoga. Since we’ve had a few of our on-site team members wonder what our National Headquarters looked like, we decided to combine passions. So here is our beloved Lincoln Property Company Headquarters building on McKinney Avenue in Dallas, TX, as showcased by our Mary doing her thing, while she was visiting us in our national marketing office.


Our sign:

Sign (3)

The entryway:

Walk Up (15)

The mat:

Entry (8)

Tree (get it?):

Tree (3)

The 1st floor lobby:

Main Lobby (3)

Going up the elevator:

Elevator (4)

10th floor lobby area:

10 Floor Lobby (3)

The reception area:

Sarah of the Fort (3)

Going down the hall on floor 10:

10th Floor Hall (1)

Stop and see this picture:

Cowboy Art

Hang out with the longhorns:

Bull Statue (2)


11th floor art entry:

Bird Flower (3)

Head over to commercial accounting:


Byrne conference room (we couldn’t pick just one):

Byrne Conference (3) Byrne Conference (1) Byrne Conference (6) Byrne Conference (11) Byrne Conference (9)

Outside Scott Wilder, Sheri Killingsworth, Margette Hepfner and Price Wagner’s offices:


Let’s head over to I.T. for our conventional properties:

I.T (1)

Hang out with Michael the I.T. guy (thanks, Michael):

Michael (6)


Grand Finale: #LPCturns50

LPC Turns 50 (1)


Thank you, Mary! We are so glad that you are part of our team!