3 Easy & Affordable Ways To Transform a Room

hanging curtains in a home
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Moods dictate a variety of decisions. When feeling cozy, we’ll reach for a comfy sweater and our warmest socks. Oftentimes, we’ll pick an outfit on Monday that’s the polar opposite of our weekend aesthetic. Similarly, a favorite dish may appeal to you one day but fall out of your favor the next. Our moods and preferences are constantly changing, adding variety that spices up life.

While it’s important to listen to shifting moods, it can be a challenge to apply them to all facets of life. When it comes to interiors, many renters decorate their apartments once, maybe twice due to concerns over changes being too costly. However, there are several ways you can switch up your style without breaking the bank.

Collect Prints of the Same Size

a couple smiling and hanging art

If you’re feeling tired of staring at the same statement art piece in your living room day after day, consider swapping in a new print. You can splurge on a nice frame and then purchase prints of the same size to switch in depending on your mood. For an abstract feel, incorporate this print from Society6 into your space. Then, customize a piece of the same size to replace it with when the mood strikes.

Change the Lighting

sheer curtains

Light has a huge impact on rooms, when waking you up with the sun or when winding down from a lack of it. A different set of curtains can be stored in your linen closet next to the sheets and pulled out when you’re craving a different feel. Opt for a blackout curtain in the winter when you’re in the mood to light a candle and meditate. In the summer, opt for a sheer curtain to welcome natural light. If you’re feeling adventurous, colorful bulbs add a fun and technicolor feel to any space.

Host a Plant Exchange

gifting someone flowers

If you’re the proud owner of a large family of plants and don’t know where you can fit your next one, an exchange may be exactly what you need. Plant exchanges let you diversify your collection while simultaneously gifting others with plants you’re ready to let go of. We recommend hosting a virtual meetup with fellow plant lovers and showing off greenery you no longer want so you can swap it in for something new and exciting.

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