3 Home Office Decor Tips That Boost Productivity

a home office
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The coffee is brewed, your to-do list is set, now all you need is a cozy corner to conquer the day’s work in. At-home offices are more necessary than ever in this digital era where remote jobs, side hustles, and personal passions are rampant.

Before you put together that desk and start hanging shelves, it’s important to start with a plan. A strategic layout and inspired design elements will boost your productivity, leveling up both your personal and professional surroundings.

Opt for a Standing Desk

Hours spent typing, emailing, planning, and scheduling in a seated position may leave you feeling lethargic and uninspired. By simply standing, energy levels are boosted and morale is invigorated. A recent study determined standing enhances cognitive control after a group of standing subjects outperformed their sitting counterparts. Remaining upright also benefits posture as you’re less inclined to slump over as you would in a chair. If you’d like to go vertical in your 9-5, click here to find a few great pieces for your space.

Find Dreamy Decor

During the 8-hour grind, it’s easy to lose motivation if you forget why you’re doing what you’re doing. Whether you’re working extra hours for a promotion or studying for your masters to obtain your dream job, the long days aren’t spent in vain. Remind yourself why you’re in that room by adorning it with the things that inspire you. Aspirational quotes, photos of the loved ones you support, or a poster of an iconic role model will push you through the day. Something as simple as a dream vacation can be represented by a scenic postcard on your wall. These manifestations of your desires will keep you in tune with what you want–and as they grow and evolve, so will your space.

Follow Your Behavioral Flow

Before you start organizing, spend a day working and assess how you physically flow throughout the day. Take note of daily habits like scribbling on a notepad, reaching for a highlighter, contemplating while staring out a window, or something as obvious as whether you’re right or left handed. With these mannerisms in mind, set up your desk in a way that will complement these actions, so the things you need are just a quick reach away.

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