3 Meals You Can Make as a Group

friends eating pizza | meals to make as a group
Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you love hosting, but always feel left out while working away in the kitchen, we have the perfect solution.

Gather your closest friends for a night of preparing (and eating) a delicious meal. There are a number of tasty recipes that are not only easy but fun to make in a group setting. Here are a few we’re particularly excited to try. 

Personal Pizzas

cutting into a pizza

For personal pizzas, all you will need is pre-made dough, tomato sauce, lots of shredded cheese, and all your favorite pizza toppings. Go classic with pepperoni, mushrooms, and roasted garlic but also incorporate out-of-the-box options like pineapple, buffalo chicken, or the ingredients for a Mexican pizza. Pop the personalized pizza in the oven or head to the barbecue area to smoke them on the grill.


This may require a steady hand but it will be so worth it when you and your friends can marvel at a platter of homemade sushi. First, buy sushi-grade fish and all the other fixings from avocado to rice to nori. Then, with the help of a rolling mat, lay down the nori and then gently pack rice on top. Then, add sliced fish, avocado, and any other ingredients, and then roll it up. Cut into bite-size pieces and enjoy!

Table Nachos

close-up of cheesy nachos on a table

This is by far the easiest recipe to conquer and the biggest crowd pleaser. Table nachos are a trendy party snack where a host lays tin foil across a table or kitchen island. Then, they pour bags of tortilla chips and then top with melted cheese, taco meat, jalapeños, and other nacho favorites. You and your friends will have a blast spreading out the ingredients and enjoying endless nachos. 

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