Ways to Keep a White Carpet Clean

a white carpet in front of a grey couch in a living room | how to keep white carpets clean
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A cream or white carpet can serve as a calming neutral in any space. However, when stains or discoloration from constant foot traffic occurs, it can detract from that sense of calm.

With a little extra TLC you can have the white carpet of your dreams. Here are a few tips to keep your carpet fresh and bright.

Vacuum Regularly

vacuuming a white carpet

Having a white carpet means having to vacuum regularly to remove dust and dirt. Even though these particles may not be visible to the naked eye, they can build up over time and create discoloration. Therefore, make it a habit to vacuum your rug every week or so.

Create a Shoe-Free Home

shoes left at the door | how to keep white carpets clean

It may seem obvious to not let people walk on your carpet in their outdoor shoes. However, it’s also important to make sure that shoes are not worn in other areas of the home. This way, you won’t track dirt or particles from other rooms onto the rug. To set yourself up for success, invest in a shoe rack to put in your entryway. You can also incorporate a friendly sign to let guests know to kick off their shoes at the door. We’re loving this playful pick from Etsy.

Deal with Stains ASAP

a cup of coffee on a white carpet | how to keep white carpets clean

Spills are inevitable in any home. Therefore, be prepared with a plan the next time a drop of wine finds its way onto your white rug. The first thing you should do is Google the best way to clean a stain based on the type of stain. Then, when cleaning, be sure to blot instead of scrubbing the stain. Scrubbing can grind the stain deeper into the floor and spread it out.

Now that you have your carpet set up, now it’s time to move to windows! Here are a few styling tricks for window treatments. Or, if you’re looking for a new apartment, LPC is here to help. Call today and we’ll arrange a tour of a community near you. `