Unique (And Stylish) Ways to Ward Off Mosquitoes

putting bug spray on an arm
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Among all the amazing aspects of summer, the influx of pesky mosquitoes is not one of them. If you find yourself swatting bugs on your patio or dodging an annoying buzz in your ear on your balcony, we’re here to help. 

We’ve gathered a few creative (and stylish) ways to deter mosquitoes this season. Here are a few we’re particularly excited to try out.

Make Your Own Repellant Perfume

wiping bug spray on legs | ways to ward off mosquitoes

Did you know there are perfumes that double as repellants? You don’t have to use a harsh can of bug spray when heading outside. Instead, DIY your own bottle by combining essential oils. Lemon, tea tree, orange, and peppermint oils are all known to repel bugs. When dining alfresco, spritz your tablecloth with your scent of choice to ward mosquitoes away from your dinner. Or, spray your outfit before you head out to dinner on your favorite restaurant patio. 

Buy a Mosquito-Zapping Candle 

citronella candles

At your next outdoor dinner party, set the ambiance with a citronella candle. We are loving this simple DIY from Garden Therapy that combines citronella and wax to create a fragrant candle. If you can’t fit a project into your schedule, we are also loving this pick from Etsy.

Light Palo Santo

palo santo

Palo santo, a dried varietal of wood from South America, is often used as incense to spread subtle woody scents with notes of citrus throughout the home. Luckily, this pleasant scent also wards off mosquitos. Before your next outdoor dinner party, light some palo santo and enjoy its pleasant aroma as you dine mosquito-free. 

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