3 Simple Ways To Curate Your Own Gallery Wall

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A properly curated wall of art will add a polished, elevated feel to any home and will make visitors feel as if they’re entering a downtown gallery. However, when it comes to finding a cohesive style, it can be difficult to source pieces that complement one another.

Luckily, you don’t have to commission multiple works from an artist to create a proper gallery wall. Here are a few ideas that are both affordable and easy to implement.

Utilize Records

record collection | curate your own gallery wall

If you’re the proud owner of a record player, it’s time to show off your music collection. Whether you’re a fan of jazz, classic rock, or the blues, it’s easy to show off vintage cover art on a gallery wall. The best part is, most of the records will be the same size so you can place just one order of bulk frames. Not only will this display stunning imagery, but it will also show off your taste in music and serve as a conversational piece.

Pictures From a Magazine

a stack of magazines | curate your own gallery wall

Magazines are full of unique art pieces. From advertisements to editorials to cartoons, your favorite publication is filled with imagery that could be used on a gallery wall. The first step is to pick your magazine. For a modern and edgy feel, opt for publications like Kinfolk or The Happy Reader. If you’re interested in a classic aesthetic, source vintage magazines online on sites like Etsy or Ebay. Think vintage ads, spreads from 90s editorials, or even old articles that highlight events from the past.

Break Down a Large Image

hanging art | curate your own gallery wall

If you’re having trouble finding different pieces of art, consider breaking down just one image and placing each part in a separate frame. Not only does this simplify the sourcing process, but it’s also a unique spin on the gallery wall that will impress guests. First, create your own custom prints on sites like Zazzle. Then, strategically cut the print to highlight different aspects that also stand well on their own. Finally, frame the photos and distance them just a few inches from each other on a wall. If you’re having trouble finding frames that fit, check out our recent guide on how to source or make your own frame.

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