3 Steps For Tackling a Passion Project

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When it comes to living your bliss, many factors mesh together to form a joyful life. Health, relationships, and comfort are a few of those things, but one that often sits on the backburner in our adult lives is passion. As kids, we scurried to violin lessons, choreographed dances on playdates, and colored with crayons to our heart’s content. In adulthood, there’s more to balance. Work, family, productivity, and self-care fill our schedules, leaving less room for activities that provide fulfillment.

Passion should be an active part of our adult lives, providing the same joy and discipline we experience in grade school. If you’re looking to hone in on what makes you sing, here’s where you can get started:

Step 1: Kickstart With Confidence


Have you ever had an amazing idea? If so, you’re familiar with the pleasant rush that hits you as you daydream about the possibilities of success. You may also be familiar with backtracking, where you begin questioning the feasibility, downplay your skillsets, and prematurely shut down a vision. This coping mechanism may seem less scary than trying, but in the long run, it will close all the doors.

The next time you discover a project or a skill that ignites passion within you, write it down! Document your feelings, your initial ideas, and why you want to give it a try. It may result in a jumbled mess of thoughts, but nonetheless, it will serve as a pleasant reminder when you begin questioning yourself. Depending on your passion, either begin planning or pursuing ASAP! Are you interested in enhancing your singing voice? Schedule a voice lesson that day. Eager to kickstart a food blog? Start planning your angle, brand, and domain name before you talk yourself out of it. The further along you get in the initial stages, the more likely you are to see it through.

Step 2: Find Extra Benefits


We often forget that our hobbies can contribute to other aspects of our lives. It’s a common misconception that we have to monetize our passions to have them be worth the effort. Acting on your interests can enhance skill sets, create lasting bonds, and even serve as a form of self-care. Perhaps you’ve decided to try your hand at brewing beer? Along with fulfillment and tasty pours, you will also benefit from sharing your creation with others. Have you always wanted to make your own scarf? After learning the process, treat yourself to a night of Netflix, wine, and knitting after a long day in the office. You’ll feel relaxed and accomplished as a result. If you’ve created your own fashion blog, the writing and web development skills you’ve acquired may be applicable to your day job. Hobbies offer multifaceted skillsets, celebrating all of them is a great way to stay inspired.

Step 3: Fit Your Passion Into Your Routine


Time is the number one reason why we don’t pursue our passions. With school, work, errands, and social obligations, it can feel daunting to add another responsibility to the mix. The best way to manage your schedule is to fit these activities into your day in ways that feel right for you. Does your passion energize you? Wake up early and train for that marathon, write your blog post, or perfect a yoga move when you’re feeling ready to take on the day. If your interest is relaxing, perhaps wait until the evening to dive in. Writing poetry, singing, and crafting will help you wind down before bed in the best way possible.

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