3 Tips For Roommate Bonding

roommates talking
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There are many benefits to living with roommates. From cheaper rent and utility bills to having someone across the apartment to zip up your dress, roommates provide both financial and personal assistance.

Most importantly, a roommate can be a friend—someone to lean on after a long day or perhaps a source for comic relief.

If you’re looking to bond and make meaningful relationships in your home, here are three activities that bring roommates together.

Host a Mixer

friends laughing and sharing photos at a party in apartment

One of the best ways to get to know someone is through their friends. Whether you’re celebrating a new apartment, a festive occasion, or simply just want to enjoy time with friends and new faces, you can do so by having each roommate invite several friends over. Not only will you bond with your flatmates, but you’ll also have the chance to mingle and form new relationships. This is especially helpful if you plan to have select friends over in the future, so your roommates can meet and get to know them before an unexpected run-in on the way to the bathroom.

Share a Favorite Television Show

roommates eating pizza and watching television

We all love our Netflix and chill nights and one way to make them even better is to enjoy them with some company. Pick a show everyone in the apartment likes and make it a weekly tradition to watch together. Not only does it offer a fun way to wind down, but it will provide an ongoing conversation in the house. From plot twists to predictions to claiming favorite characters, television is way more satisfying when you have friends to discuss it with. To make things even cozier, be sure to light candles, stock up on blankets, and host a munchies potluck.

Cook a Meal Together

friends cooking together

Nothing brings people together quite like food. Whether you’re serving others, chopping and dicing together, or simply gathered around the table, there’s a comfort that comes with home-cooked meals that will ease the mood in a household. If none of you are expert chefs—keep it simple. DIY pizzas, breakfast for dinner, or a simple tomato sauce offer warmth and comfort without testing your culinary skills. If you’re feeling ambitious, opt for a challenge and consider homemade pasta, roasted chicken, or these corn fritters from Alexandra’s Kitchen.

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