3 Ways To Cure Post-Vacation Blues in Your Apartment

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Are you suffering from the post-vacation blues? We’ve all been there.

Getting acclimated to daily routine following days or weeks of travel can be tricky. After an extended period of leisure, we often throw ourselves back into the grind, instead of taking time to recalibrate. This summer, ease back into the swing of things with these healthy post-vacation activities. 

Cook a Meal Inspired by Your Travels

Extend the culinary aspect of your vacation by bringing the cuisine you loved home with you. If you’re unable to get a few things through customs, no worries, simply head to your local market and recreate the dish. The tapas you enjoyed in Barcelona can easily be replicated and paired with a bottle of Spanish wine. For the ambitious gourmand, invite your closest friends over for a dinner party inspired by the flavors of your travels. Not only will you be transported back to that brasserie or street vendor you loved, but you’ll also be sharing your experience with your closest friends.

Deep Clean & Decorate

After days spent in a foreign location, establishing a sense of order may calm the mind. Blast music, put on your favorite podcast, or play your favorite Netflix show on your laptop as you scrub, dust, and organize your space. Afterward, you can decorate your apartment with vacation photos and trinkets you discovered from your travels. This photo display courtesy of addicted2diy offers a fun way to commemorate your trip.

Catch Up With a Friend

When coming down from the thrills of a trip, one of the best remedies is to gush to a friend about your adventures, the delicious food you ate, and people you met. You may inspire them to take the same vacation or pass on the contagious travel bug. Plus, you can hear about everything you missed while you were away. 

Have a Cozy a Night In 

reading a book with a dog

After catching up with friends, enjoying food from your travels, and cleaning your apartment, it may be nice to round out your week back with a cozy night in with all your favorite and familiar things. Light candles, grab a blanket, order food from your favorite restaurant, and sink into the couch.

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